Enjoy your music & video from both YouTube & iTunes
via a coolest music player designed by Muze

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Free Music

With Muze MusicTube, you can get free music video from YouTube play it with all music in your iTunes library in a single app.


Play Offline
Muze allows you to cache YouTube video for playing offline.  So you can listen to your music anywhere anytime.

Cool Playlist
Create your playlist by mixing free music from YouTube and song from iTunes with custom masonry playlist layout.

Compromise the sound isn’t the way we do. So we made 10 Bands EQ to let you shape the sound of music in the way you like.


More on Muze

There are a lot more features wait you to explore. For instance:

Gesture Control

We provide gesture control to let you control your music with only one hand.


Because of people have different taste. So we design Muze to let you’re able to choose the theme of your music player.

Quick Menu

Quick menu is designed to let you take quick action with a song in your library.

Download Muze for FREE! today