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Quick Menu on Muze

Another useful feature on Muze is Quick Menu Quick Menu was designed to let you take the action on the song super fast. Here is the tips how to use the Quick Menu: 1. Hold your tap at the song for a second 2. Slide to the menu you want   You can do many thing... read more

How to save YouTube to listen offline

Many users ask me that: How can I cache YouTube using New Muze? The answer is in the image above. Here is the simple steps to let you save YouTube music video to listen offline:   1. Go to Music Discovery. 2. Choose a song from Top Chart or tap at top right to... read more

Let’s Share Your Idea

This is the first post in our Muze’s blog which I’ve just want you to know the purpose of this blog. So let’s begin.   Once upon a time … wait! I won’t go that far. So the purpose of this blog is: We want to share our idea and have... read more