Let’s Share Your Idea

Let’s Share Your Idea

This is the first post in our Muze’s blog which
I’ve just want you to know the purpose of this blog. So let’s begin.


Once upon a time … wait! I won’t go that far. So the purpose of this blog is:

We want to share our idea and have feedback
to put the right feature to Muze Music Player.

Muze’s team is a music lover so we used to make a discussion about what features should be implemented in our music player. So far, so good. But I think our team which have only 6 members, can’t represent our users from around the glob. So I need the place where Muze’s fan can put theirs idea into the music player that they love. Actually, we used to implement some brilliant idea from our users such as “Add song to play next”  or “Save playing queue as playlist“.


Now, it’s your turn. If you have something in your mind and want that happen in the reality.
Please talk to us. I promise that your idea won’t be ignored.


Thank you.

The Composer