Quick Menu on Muze

Quick Menu on Muze

Another useful feature on Muze is Quick Menu

Quick Menu was designed to let you take the action on the song super fast.

Here is the tips how to use the Quick Menu:

1. Hold your tap at the song for a second

2. Slide to the menu you want


You can do many thing using Quick Menu. Here is the description of each menu.

1. Edit song information – You can edit any music you was add to your library using this menu. (The music on your iTunes library doesn’t allow to edit.)

2. Add a song to play next – Sometime you have the song pop up in your head. You can add any song you like to play next using this function without interrupt the current song.

3. Add a song to playlist –  You can also add a song to playlist quicker while you’re browsing the song in your library.

4. Delete a song – Quick Menu allow you to delete the song as well.